Labor of Love Foundation is a special program offered through a partnership with Gracious Care Recovery Solutions that provides addiction treatment, therapy, and housing for pregnant moms struggling with addiction. The program was founded by Danielle Rebuck, a sacred doula, whose passion is to reach woman at that special crossroad moment when they discover they are pregnant and want to create a better future for themselves and their unborn baby.

While providing the very best in addiction treatment, the Labor of Love Foundation parallels these services with OBGYN, prenatal care, transportation to medical appointments, parenting classes, breastfeeding workshops, birthing options and classes, newborn CPR, yoga, a baby shower and so much more.

Labor of Love has been featured on First Coast News, The Huffington Post, and on several radio broadcasts. Danielle not only founded this program, but operates as the program director as well as providing birth support during delivery for the moms who wish to take advantage of her doula services.

Labor of Love Foundation is changing destinies, two heartbeats at a time.

  • Founder & CEO - Labor of Love Foundation
  • Sacred Doula
  • Provides Pre and Postnatal Support
  • Director of Education & Services Provided to Moms Enrolled in the Labor of Love
  • Mentorship and Advocacy to Pregnant Moms Struggling with Addiction
  • Certified in Birth Hypnotherapy
  • Group Facilitator
  • Director of Marketing - Gracious Care Recovery Solutions
Experience & Strengths
Certified Sacred Doula 100%
Pre and Postnatal Support 98%
Birthing Support 100%
Business Development 94%

Danielle Rebuck can be reached through email at

Danielle is available to answer any questions on safe, medical detox for pregnant moms struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. She is a strong advocate for complete detox prior to birth and has a passion to help pregnant women walk out their recovery journey in a safe, supportive and loving environment where they can experience healing from past trauma while developing the tools necessary to live a successful life in recovery.