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Dear Parent: Are You Enabling Your Child’s Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction. It’s a painful place to live.

…Not just for the person in bondage to the drug, but for everyone who loves that person.
Drug addiction chips away at the family of the addict. It erodes relationships a little at a time.

Are You Enabling Your Child’s Heroin Addiction?

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The Truth About Pregnancy and Drug Addiction

For many women, pregnancy is an empowering and exciting time. From the moment those two pink lines appear on the home pregnancy test to the day a new mom meets her baby face-to-face, pregnancy and the idea of motherhood is unlike any other experience.

For a woman struggling to break free from drug addiction, however, pregnancy can feel like a panicked race against the clock to stop using along with the weight of shame that often keeps a woman silent and afraid to seek help.

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Gracious Care’s Programs and Philosophy

At Gracious Care Recovery, we help clients overcome their addictions by first focusing on God and Jesus Christ’s plan for our new lives in recovery. Without this spiritual connection, recovery is much harder to get. With God’s power and by utilizing traditional treatment methods, such as individual and group counseling, twelve step philosophy and meetings, Gracious Care’s Recovery have saved lives and changed lives.

Another program we use to support our clients is Holistic therapy. Holistic therapy treats the whole person’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions as one. It includes guided meditations, art and music therapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care. We have found a genuine solution that leads addicts and alcoholics to recovery and that is treating the individual as special and acknowledging their own unique set of life experiences. With us, no two people are the same. This outlook for substance abuse treatment has proven effective and we believe in thorough individualized treatment planning and support.

We have developed an easy approach that highlights our faith in God as our main form of support. Gracious Care knows that by giving attention to your faith while in early recovery and throughout your recovery, you can stay clean and sober. God won’t let you down! Also for substance abuse treatment to be effective, recovery also needs to be made simple. The three things every recovering addict needs to do daily is. First, pray and honor God for getting you sober. Second, connect with your sober support. Sober support includes friends in recovery, family, counselors and going to regular meetings. The third is employment. Employment is not just essential for life it builds self-esteem and helps every recovering addict and alcoholic feel valued and a part of life again.

We have found that it is these three simple ways of living that all people in recovery depend on and value the most once they are clean and sober. Gracious Care is here to love you, support you and stay with you from the very first day of your recovery and throughout. God’s plan for every addict is to get them clean and sober.

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Why Recovering Heroin Addicts Must Try Harder

If you haven’t tried Heroin or heaven forbid become addicted to it then you are blessed above others who have. Unfortunately, heroin addiction is not only hard to quit because of the prolonged physical addiction, or the mental pain of needing it every day. Heroin addicts will all tell you it changed who they were by 360. Recovering heroin addicts, fortunately, do return to their better selves as do all recovering addicts and alcoholics. And here we are in no way lessening the difficulty of any addiction, we are simply stating that recovering heroin addicts must try harder and here’s why.

Lifestyle Baby, Lifestyle

To become a heroin addict does not mean that you simply became addicted. And to put it bluntly, heroin addiction equals criminal addiction. Only the rich and famous have the money to stay out of illegal activity to support their habit. The statistics don’t lie, and sorry but there are not 700,000 movie stars running around the country addicted to Heroin. Yes, that is a huge number and counting. What any recovering heroin addict will tell you is that they became a professional shoplifter, burglar, and thief in order to support their addiction. Now what kind of lifestyle is that?


Oh, there’s the big enemy, and the hardest to get used to- FEELINGS. Recovering heroin addicts stayed numb for a reason. And of course, it wasn’t just because they just couldn’t deal with life. They have trouble coping with their feelings. The good news is, is that this enemy quickly becomes your friend once you get clean and sober, and you remember what feeling feels like. Getting high over bad feelings won’t be a priority because the best feeling in the world is love and recovery is the strongest form of self-love there is.

We Are Just Stronger

Having returned from the life of a junkie, and entered the life of recovery, means you have been through it all. You have seen jail cells more times in 3 months than anyone else. You have lied to the highest authority and gotten away with it, and you have survived attacks from the greatest of all evils. Heroin Addiction takes everyone down, but recovering from it requires physical, mental, and emotional strength. Not just to get through detox either. But by re-assembling your true character, priorities, and uncovering the honest and good person you were underneath the dope, you will realize, we are stronger.

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5 Easy Ways to Assess Your Addiction Recovery

If you haven’t assessed where you are in your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, maybe you didn’t realize that this is actually quite beneficial. Here we ask you five little questions to answer that should let you know if you are making the best of your recovery.

Are you working?

This answer should only come if you are done with treatment, have bills to pay and by all accounts, ready to be responsible. As recovering addicts and alcoholics getting a job is a new idea altogether. Most of us did not work, or keep a job for very long in our addictions. So if you are employed, give yourself credit because this is pretty hard to live without, as I am sure you have noticed by now. And if you are still floundering around with no plans, then go directly to the extra credit question below. And we are all proud of you for getting clean and sober! Well done!

Have you broken your relapse habits?

Yikes..what are relapse habits? Let’s explain. Relapse is so sneaky it can happen even on your best day of living an awesome new life clean and sober. So it is best to assess what habits are still lingering around in your life that mirror when you were not clean and sober. Are you staying up late, like all the time? Are you blowing off responsibilities? And have you done your laundry? These may seem basic, but these questions are true indicators that you have or haven’t broken your relapse habits. Now, make your own list and get to it!

Did you make amends? At least one.

The action of making amends is so very- very- significant and so very- very- therapeutic for you to do for your life. All it takes is one amends for you to see how great you and everyone else will feel once you get this stuff out in the open, and say you are sorry! It is the pinnacle of taking back the anguish you caused others in YOUR ADDICTION. Begin with two little words, “I’m sorry.” Enough said.

Who is your idol?

As we progress in our recovery, our opinions will change. Who and what we like are going to be extremely different. And as we positively progress in making changes in our new lives, we need a good idol. Here, we beg of you to not say any rock stars who made a success out of being a junkie or a drunk. Look up who is famous and clean and sober! And if you already said it is your sponsor or one of your friends with awesome clean time then you are a star yourself.

What is your routine for chilling out?

Here, we realize that chilling out should have no routine at all. However, making positive use of our free time in a healthy way is all we are getting at. As long as you allow yourself to enjoy positive activities at home or with friends who are clean and sober, you are good.

Extra Credit Question: When did you last count up how many people said they are proud of you?

This is a win-win to do for your recovery. It is full of all the love that we deserve for taking charge of our lives once and for all. It is your recovery and you get back what you put into it. Now make that mental list again and see how good you feel!

3 Reasons Why Faith Is Important In Early Recovery

For addicts in early recovery, the first step in the right direction was a miracle that took place the day you decided to get help for your addictions. Maybe on that day, you saw that the bottom doesn’t end and it can get worse? Or maybe you decided you are worth more than what the drugs are giving you. And if you haven’t ever thought that there is some force out there looking after your best interest then perhaps you’ve never said the famous phrase “thank God.” But if you have then you may already know that having faith in early recovery is what will push you up from the bottom and get you closer to feeling better, to feeling hope and to feeling that there is a place in this world for you clean and sober. Here are the three small, yet big reasons why faith is important in early recovery.

What Does Faith Have to Do with It?

Faith does not mean that you aren’t capable of taking charge of your life, or your recovery. Faith also doesn’t mean that you have to give up certain foods, pray constantly or sit in silent meditation for hours on end. What faith is, is allowing yourself to believe that there is something greater than you that has kept you safe and alive throughout your addiction, and why you are reading this now, is all faith is. And those are pretty big reasons, right?

Who Is In Charge Anyway?

Who is in charge? The answer to that question is, of course, you! It is not important who you believe in or what. What is important for you in your recovery is that you find comfort in knowing that your life’s plan is to live clean and sober. No-one’s life plan is to be a junkie, a drunk or a criminal. If you choose God or a higher power to help you in your recovery, then we are here to tell you that you will have even more strength than you thought.

Because God’s got Your Back

Being in early recovery is not easy. It is full of worry, anxiety, and guilt. It is also full of joy, and hope. Getting through the first couple days, or weeks and months you will need all the help you can get. Turn to us, to your family and to God. Because the day that you realized you were tired of living in pain and running from the world just to get high or drunk is  the day that God (or your higher power) whispered into your ear, I’ve got your back.

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Family Coping Skills for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Coping with a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction is a complicated and ongoing process. Many people can manage their addictions if they choose to, however, this is a daunting task and never easy. Often family members have a harder time coping with the events that occur when their favorite addict is slipping. It’s highly advisable to find ways to battle these demons on your own or with others who are experiencing similar pain. Here are a few skills that may help spark some relief while your friend or family is learning to manage.

  1. Meditate
  2. AL-anon Meetings
  3. Speak to Minister, priest or a spiritual guide
  4. Don’t be Naïve or Overly Trusting
  5. Educate yourself
  6. Keep the faith and hope
  7. Watch your money carefully
  8. Don’t assume the blame
  9. Confront manipulating conversations
  10. Rehab is only the beginning
  11. Prepare for relapse; it’s part of the journey

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of Eastern medicine that can help you cope with your thoughts and mind activity. When dealing with addicts, it’s important to do what you can to maintain your sanity. Meditation can certainly help with the ongoing struggles of guilt and pain.

Attend support groups like Al-anon, as this is one of your greatest forms of defense. What you’ll find is you’re not alone, and a sponsor can help you stay on course when the addict wants to knock you off.

Speaking to your higher power or someone you trust is another form of combating against the disease of addiction. Don’t hesitate to lean on these people or your spirituality to give you the sanction you need to stay active.

Manipulation lies and cheating is all a part of the cycle. Don’t accept these things, confront the person who is the addict when you know there’s an issue. Don’t trust them with money or your valuables. Unfortunately, the disease will make them do what they must to meet their needs.

Educate yourself as often as you can. There’s always new information out there and by researching, studying and using what you can help you to feel in control of an out of control situation.

Keep your faith and hope. Believe it or not, these people do change and can live a high quality of life. If you give up, they’ll know, which could lead to worse consequences.