Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Accepts TriCare for Addiction Treatment

Statistics show that 22 percent of active military and veterans suffer from major depression or post-traumatic stress. 34 percent have mental health concerns. Left untreated, this stress can result in adverse effects to our men and women in uniform, sometimes resulting in substance-abuse and addiction. Many veterans use alcohol or drugs to help manage their stress. While they may seem to help initially, addiction can soon take hold. Some veterans even lose their battle with depression and addiction. Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

At Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, we help individuals experience the hope, healing and freedom they deserve. No life should be crippled by addiction or end in suicide.

We have partnered with TriCare to provide addiction treatment and mental health services to our military.

What Will TRICARE Cover?

TRICARE covers the full spectrum of addiction treatment services, from detox through therapy and treatment, all in our beautiful facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Here’s what you can benefit from:

  • Detox- Medical detox is a safe and comfortable way to break free from the painful symptoms of withdrawal that drive individuals into the cycle of addiction.
  • PHP- Partial Hospitalization is what we call the 30-45 day period where the trauma-informed therapy and treatment for addiction takes place. This is where you’ll get to the root cause of addiction in your life and have the opportunity to receive real healing.
  • IOP- Intensive Outpatient is often the next step after PHP. It’s a step-down or lower level of care, so you’ll be able to continue to receive therapy but will also have more time to transition back into life (as a healed individual).

Why Should You Use Gracious Care for Addiction Treatment Services?

At Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, we understand the prevalence and impact of trauma for our military men and women, veterans and their families. Our addiction treatment services help you from start to finish with medical detox, IOP, PHP, sober living and a strong aftercare program. We provide a culture-sensitive environment that caters to the needs of our service members, veterans and their dependents by:

  • Promoting a physically and emotionally safe atmosphere
  • Utilizing strategies that minimize re-victimization
  • Focusing on true healing at the core of pain and trauma in your life
  • Building your recovery toolbox
  • Helping you with the transition back to family and friends as a healed and whole person
  • Helping you at the point of your need and treating you as the individual you are

We treat our service members, veterans and their dependents with the dignity and respect they deserve during each level of treatment. Through our addiction treatment services, we help you address the mental and emotional component: PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger and stress, while also overcoming the physical dependence on alcohol and drugs.

It is our honor to serve you and walk with you on your journey to freedom.

Please call us today.