Specialty Programs for Healthcare Professionals

It’s Time to Focus on You

It is an unfortunate truth that addiction runs rampant in the medical industry due to diligent client care, long hours, emotional trauma and chronic pain from extended shifts and lack of self-care. Addiction treatment and recovery can be particularly challenging for healthcare professionals—along with the myriad of personal affairs, your license and livelihood are at risk. Our specialized professionals program strives to provide you with effective treatments to help you achieve long-term sobriety and return back to work sooner.

Features of the Professionals Program

We understand how difficult it is to put your life and career on hold in order to seek treatment. Every day you help others, but now it is time to help yourself. Our professionals program is compiled of several specialized features to help you gain lifelong sobriety and start practicing once again:

  • “Step Down” phases of care allow you to slowly gain more freedom and ease back into work and real life at your own pace.
  • Personalized recovery management plans are created around your needs in order to incorporate professional-specific coping skills.
  • 12-Step Programs walk you through recovery while building up your relationship with God and strengthening your spirituality.
  • Professional-specific group therapy provides you with a sense of community among other professionals who are experiencing similar challenges.
  • Weekly treatment updates to your compliance manager by our licensed clinicians and case managers ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace.
  • Holistic treatment options focus on your mind and spirit to heal your body as a whole. You have the option to participate in therapies like yoga, meditation, massage and more.

Our Treatment Options

Every person is unique, which is why we conduct a psychiatric evaluation upon arrival in order to build a plan that best matches your needs. Though services may vary, all treatment programs provide:

  • Intensive Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Spiritual Therapy

We’ll Help You Get Back to Work

Our goal is to provide you with a strong foundation in recovery and to assist you in returning to your professional line of work. Our case managers and staff are prepared to assist with any licensure, employment or legal issues that may hinder your return to work. Whatever you need, we are here to support you until well into recovery.

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