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Medical Detox - The Details

Once substance use becomes physical dependence, the body will experience physical symptoms once the alcohol or drug is no longer being supplied to the body. Depending on the substance used, and the physical health of the individual withdrawal symptoms can begin anywhere from 6 hours to 12 hours from the last use.
Here are a couple of charts that show the differences in withdrawal between heroin addiction and alcoholism. While the heroin withdrawal process may be considered to be more painful than alcohol withdrawal, there is often more risk of seizures and death when withdrawing from alcohol.

heroin withdrawal timeline


alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Regardless of the substance involved, medical detox provides a safe, supervised environment where patients can detox comfortably, experiencing minimized symptoms and the emotional and mental support necessary to make it through the full withdrawal process.

Danger of Self-Detox

It can be difficult to ask for help, and sometimes the thought of quitting “cold turkey” may seem much more appealing than entering treatment and paying professionals to do what could possibly be done at home. Statistics prove that self-detox is usually unsuccessful, and it can be extremely uncomfortable, dangerous and even deadly.

Most health insurance will cover the cost of medical detox, as it is considered a high-risk situation and a medical necessity.
If you are wondering if your health insurance will cover the cost of your medical detox as well as substance abuse treatment, one call to our recovery specialists will answer your questions.


Risk of Relapse

Even if self-detox is successful, the risk of relapse is high. Why? Because part of addiction involves learned habits and responses to impulse thoughts that have been etched into your psyche. Once the drug is no longer in your body, the cravings will often still be present. Substance abuse treatment equips you with the tools necessary for recovery while also providing emotional healing, trauma therapy, step work and a spiritual foundation. All of these increase your chances for a successful recovery.

If all we do is “get through withdrawals” without filling the void the drugs or alcohol were trying to fill, you will likely hit a breaking point and return to drug or alcohol use, feeling more defeated than when you began. Remember, once substance use turns into physical dependence, your body requires the substance to feel “normal,” and that kind of craving is nearly impossible to shake by yourself.

Fear of Withdrawal

Detox brings uncomfortable, sometimes frightening, symptoms along with it. Addiction professionals can provide you with the medication and care necessary to minimize withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. The right environment, trained staff, balanced meals and proper treatment will ease the aftermath of addiction and put you on the path toward a successful recovery. 

Make Your Detox Count

Success rates soar and relapse rates dwindle when attending a professional detox center before substance abuse treatment. That reassurance alone makes it worth the effort. Let us help you start your path to recovery off right, with professional, medical detox. 

Start Your Journey to a Health Mind and Body.