Alumni Program

Welcome to the Family

Once you enter our doors, you are a part of the Gracious Care family, and that doesn’t have to end when your treatment does. Our thriving alumni program offers you and your peers a platform to return to for ongoing sober support from those who helped you through your most challenging days.

Growing Communities

The alumni program meets every month, sometimes just to commune with your peers and other times for special outings, gatherings or community events. In the past, we have given away meals and gifts to those in need, hosted parties and participated in various community services.

Transforming Lives

Participating in community service can show you how much of an impact you can have on the world if you choose to remain sober. You are able to keep the sobriety fire roaring alongside your comrades while making the world a little bit of a happier place to be.

Encouraging Others

The alumni program will also provide you with the opportunity to provide a testament to new and incoming clients who are facing similar challenges to those that you overcame. Your support and encouragement could make a huge difference in their recovery and could show them that it is possible to escape the clutches of addiction.

Building Relationships

It is important to have a network of trusted companions to turn to during difficult times, or to celebrate victories with. The alumni program provides you with ongoing 24/7 support for whatever needs may arise. You don’t have to traverse life alone; we will always be here to lean on.

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