Gracious Care Recovery Solutions makes every attempt to practice integrity and fair treatment in all our affairs. Occasionally, an individual may feel we have room to improve or may disagree with one or more of our policies. In this event, we have set in place the following policy for grievances:

If a resident feels they have been treated unfairly or is requesting a change or addendum to a policy, the resident can fill out a grievance form.

By filing a grievance, the individual will not subject themselves to any form of adverse action, reprimand, retaliation or otherwise negative treatment by Gracious Care Recovery Solutions.


1. The Grievance Policy and Procedure is explained and acknowledged by resident upon admission.

2. Grievance Forms and Policy Poster are provided and maintained in a conspicuous designated area at each residence and as part of the resident manual.

3. The resident can fill out a Grievance Form and provide it to the house manager or authorized GCRS staff member in a sealed envelope, which will be brought to the clinical office and given to CEO; CRRA.

4. The grievance will be investigated and addressed with the resident within 72 hours of the grievance submission date.

5. Resolution of the grievance shall be documented and placed in resident file and facility quality assurance grievance binder.

6. If the grievance is not resolved internally, the resident may contact:
The Florida Association for Recovery Residences (FARR) at 561-299-0405 or file a grievance through FARR by clicking the following link:

or contact the Abuse Hotline at 1-800-ABUSE

or contact the local Office of Disabilities at 1-800-342-0823