faith based recovery

Christian Addiction Recovery

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is proud to offer a dedicated faith based program to our substance abuse treatment services.
We know that each individual struggling with addiction needs treatment that will help them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our faith based track creates a space for each person to explore the benefits of a spiritual program and to have a life-changing encounter with God.

Gracious Care Recovery's Faith Based Program Offers:

• Bible Study
• An Introduction to God
• Pastoral Counseling
• Prayer and Christian Meditation
• Spiritual Support and Encouragement
We are committed to restoring your health mentally, physically and spiritually.

Healing the Body

Our nutritionist and medical doctor work hand in hand with the pastoral staff to track progress and to create a treatment plan that addresses every part of addiction recovery. Addiction generally goes hand-in-hand with a lack of nutrition, a lack of mental clarity and in some cases, damaged organs or a compromised immune system. We do our best to address healing on every level.

Healing the Spirit

Our Christ-centered program guides you through the process of reconnecting with our Creator, the source of true freedom. The root of addiction is spiritual in nature, and separation from God can cause deep feelings of emptiness, loneliness and pain.

Healing the Mind

Often, we stop using drugs or alcohol, but we don’t understand how to live or think. Our mindset; healthy or unhealthy, will always dictate the path we choose to follow, so it is vital to spend time in treatment renewing our minds and dissecting limiting belief systems.

Unhealthy thoughts can keep us in a revolving door of anxiety, fear, confusion and unrest.

Are You Ready for True Freedom?

At Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, our Christian track combines evidence based treatment with sound Biblical principals.

Our Pastoral Director works together with our therapists as a team, in a holistic manner, for the very best outcomes.

If you or someone you love is interested in Christian therapy, Christian counseling and a faith-based track to freedom from addiction, give us a Call today