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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Client Safety

With much of the country focused on the latest Coronavirus developments, you may be wondering if you should postpone or cancel treatment for alcohol or drug addiction until the crisis subsides.  According to the CDC, the risks of alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose far outweigh the risk of contracting Coronavirus. Opioid overdoses account for over 100 deaths in America every day, and alcohol remains the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

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Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma approaches South Florida, Gracious Care Recovery will be using our Facebook Page for all updates.
We want the make sure the loved ones and friends of our clients will be kept in the loop.

We have been closely monitoring the storm for the past week and have plenty of food, water and supplies for clients and staff. If you are looking for updates on the storm’s path or strength, please check the National Hurricane Center website. Our Facebook page will have periodic tracking information but will also be used to let you know we are all fine and whether we are experiencing any power outages, etc. during the storm.

Please know that we have weathered many storms here at Gracious Care and take every precaution for the safety of our clients and ourselves.



Nalmefene: A Pill To Help Alcoholics Drink Like Normal People?

Recently, the co-founder of the Amsterdam Institute for Addiction Research, Wim van den Brink, suggested a change to the way we think about alcoholism. Unlike what we’ve been told for years, van den Brink suggested that alcoholics should not abstain from alcohol completely.

What did he say?

While the majority of us curiously tipped our heads to the side, wondering what would come next, van den Brink presented his solution: a pill designed to help alcoholics drink like normal people; nalmefene.

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Reserves Entire Rehab for Himself

Well, today is Father’s Day, and as we know, it’s a stressful day for a lot of dads for a variety of reasons. Today I was thinking about Tiger Woods. It’s been a little under a month since his DUI arrest in Florida and he is taking major steps to avoid losing the 20% custody he currently has of his two children — nine year old daughter, Sam and eight year old son, Charlie.

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“I’ve Got No Secrets.” Brad Opens up About Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

In a recent interview, Brad Pitt talked about his split from Angelina Jolie and his past substance abuse problem and alcoholism.

“I’ve got no secrets,” Pitt told the Associated Press. According to Brad, not talking about our problems doesn’t help. “We’re human,” he stated, then went on to say that talking about these issues and the human condition is one of the steps to getting better.

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opiate addiction

Police Officer Recovering from Opiate Addiction is No Longer Anonymous

Police officer and person recovering from opiate addiction.
Many would assume those two titles couldn’t describe the same person, but they do.
Addiction touches all lives, regardless of career, race, economic status, age or religion.

Steve Rilling worked as a police officer for 19 years, spending 10 years in the narcotics division. Working in the narcotics division was both high risk and extremely high stress, involving undercover drug buys, engaging with informants and conducting raids on residences.

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Heroin Cut With Fentanyl: It Will Kill You

Fentanyl Deaths – News Headlines 2017:

If you or someone you love is currently addicted to heroin, you have likely heard of Fentanyl.
It’s not a new drug, but at 100 times more potent than morphine and the ability to use it to “cut into” heroin to give it an “extra boost” (according to a dealer who was interviewed for a Fentanyl documentary) it is linked to thousands of heroin related deaths.

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Suboxone: Detox Helper or Maintenance Drug?


Suboxone Overview

If you’ve heard of Suboxone, it was likely in a conversation about opiate addiction, getting clean or detoxing. If you’re part of the recovery community or have a loved one currently addicted to opiates (heroin or pain pills), you are probably aware that Suboxone comes with a full range of arguments regarding it’s use.
Some say that Suboxone should be used indefinitely as a maintenance drug (similar to methadone) while others believe it is to be used as a quick taper in medical detox situations, where it is used to help relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Regardless of your convictions and how you believe it should be used, here are some facts about Suboxone: 

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heroin withdrawal

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline – What to Expect


Heroin Withdrawal – What to Expect

Heroin withdrawal timeline. What’s going on in your brain? What’s going on in your body What’s going on in your spirit?

As an opioid drug derived from morphine, heroin is highly addictive…but if you’re reading this, you already know that.

Once your body has developed a physical dependency to heroin (or any opioid or opiate, like pain pills, oxycodone, oxycontin or vicodin) you will experience  withdrawal symptoms once you stop.

It’s important to know what to expect during opiate detox. When you’re aware of what the normal symptoms of heroin withdrawal are, you’ll be more mentally prepared for this big step toward recovery.

At the end of this article, we’re providing a free opiate detox book for you to download. It is readable on all mobile devices and you are welcome to send it to anyone who it may help.
Whether you or someone you love is going through heroin withdrawal, it’s a good resource to have on hand.

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