What is BioSound Therapy?

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BioSound® Therapy uses a vibration platform and an audio or visual delivery system. It integrates biofeedback, musical therapy, guided imagery and sound frequency.

The system typically uses choreographed music with low-frequency binaural beats and sine tones. The binaural beats produce a meditative state while the sine tones and vibrations create a relaxed state and heart rhythms that synchronize with the body. In addiction recovery, this can lead to improved relaxation and relapse prevention. 

At the same time, positive affirmations used with the system create a change in the mind, producing awareness, mindfulness and better impulse control.


Benefits of BioSound Therapy

Medical detox is the first step toward addiction recovery and is a better option for relapse prevention than detoxing at home. BioSound can help with this part of recovery as well. BioSound Therapy is an amazing tool that is used for detox and withdrawal. Many clients who use the system report reduced:

  • Anxiety 
  • Tension
  • Body aches
  • Cravings
  • Fear

The BioSound System has also helped facilitate better sleep for those going through detox and withdrawal. Stress reduction is a major benefit to this audio, sound and visual therapy system, too. It’s capable of helping clients remain calm while battling their addiction, which greatly increases impulse control. When the clients aren’t using it, the BioSound system helps reduce staff stress and staff burnout as well.

The system features moving meditations and guided imagery that helps address guilt, trauma and other underlying issues that may have been the cause of addiction. It also provides positive affirmations that help change negative thoughts and behavior while also assisting with relapse prevention.

Preventing AMAs

Unless treatment is mandated by court orders, individuals in addiction recovery are able to leave at any time. Of course, doing so can and will hurt their chances of a full recovery and relapse prevention. When people in rehab sign out of their own accord before their time is done, it is called leaving against medical advice, or AMA. 

In some cases, this might not be a bad thing. If the person is just a few days away from finishing their treatment, they may be able to leave and live in the world without a problem. Many people, however, decide to leave soon after detox is completed.

Some think they are completely healed just because they are clean from the medical detox.

Some are extremely uncomfortable being in such close quarters with other people.

Some are unprepared to cope with emotions from past trauma they have covered up for years using alcohol or drugs.

That’s where BioSound Therapy comes in. When a client states that he or she is thinking about leaving addiction recovery treatment early, a longer-than usual BioSound Therapy session is scheduled. The client is able to select the session he or she wants and is informed that he or she is free to leave after the session if that’s still what they want to do.

That’s where the benefits of BioSound really come into play. The BioSound Therapy System helps reduce cravings, anxiety and fear in such a way that most clients, after using it, no longer want to leave. BioSound Therapy has proven to be an affective form of therapy that works immediately to help clients stay on track, remain in treatment, and keep them from acting on impulse when they have the desire to end treatment abruptly. 


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BioSound Therapy at Gracious Care

Addiction recovery is possible with the right type of treatment. Want to learn more about how Gracious Care Recovery Solutions can help you turn your life around? Call us now. We are happy to answer questions about our services and how BioSound Therapy, when used properly, can curb impulsive behavior, provide stress relief, relaxation, reduced fear and more.