Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Moms

Putting Lives Back on Track and Keeping Families Together

At Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, we are proud to offer addiction treatment for pregnant moms. We have found that the moment a woman struggling with addiction discovers she is pregnant, she often engages in a life-reassessment process within herself. The realization that she is entering into motherhood has proven again and again to be a deep, reflective crossroad moment.

When this crossroad is met with the opportunity for addiction treatment services in a safe, supportive and loving environment the mom is empowered to walk out her recovery and pregnancy with confidence. She will then be able to meet the challenges of her two new roles —a new mother and a person in recovery— with the confidence necessary to live a successful life.

At Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, we cherish this opportunity to help lay the foundation for a healthy family.

Why Pregnant Women Don't Seek Addiction Treatment

Many women do not seek treatment out of fear of what will happen to them and / or their child:

  • Will I be arrested?
  • Will my baby be taken away from me?
  • Is abortion my only option?
  • Can I get clean and keep my baby?
  • Will I be supported or shamed?

These are all valid questions. Gracious Care Solutions meets every expectant mother with the dignity and honor she deserves and support her as she progresses through treatment as well as progressing through her pregnancy.

Meet the Founder of Labor of Love, Our Recovery Program for Pregnant Moms

Danielle Rebuck has a passion for birth and believes the birthing process can be a place of healing.

“As a Sacred Doula, I believe the entire birth journey is sacred. When a mother is encouraged and encompassed with love and support during this process, and a new life is held in reverence, both baby and mother transition into new life together in a beautiful, healing way.

For some, this is the first time they are making important decisions in a sober state of mind, such as where and how they would like to birth their baby. This can bring a sense of purpose and cultivate healing to the new mom. For many women, this is so much more than the birth of a baby, but the birth of two new lives —that of their child and their own new life.

Expectant mothers who are struggling with addiction can find peace in a judgment free environment where they will be wrapped in love, respect and empowered to see their pregnancy through drug free and continue in a sober lifestyle after baby’s arrival.”

What Does Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Moms Look Like?

Our full range of services can begin with detox (if medically necessary) and progress along a recovery timeline that is unique to each individual who comes through our doors.

We offer PHP, IOP and OP therapy with fully licensed addiction specialists and trauma therapists with credentials coming from respected universities such as Princeton, Barry University, Liberty University and others.

We take great pride in the blend of therapeutic services and faith based practices our center utilizes, to provide more than just “clean and sober lifestyle habits.”

It’s more than behavior modification. Our goal is a healed, whole and completely regenerated individual who has received the support necessary to live a life of true recovery and fulfillment. Our support is ongoing, with a flourishing alumni program and the benefits of E-therapy (online sessions with our team) as well as ongoing Outpatient Therapy (OP) for as long as needed.

Our special services to pregnant moms include all of our regular services with a specialized track toward educating moms-to-be on birthing options and pregnancy health, while also providing a nurturing, safe environment to learn and grow in early recovery.


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