Maximilian Albrect

Recovery does happen. In this video, Max talks about his experience at Gracious Care and how he is doing today.


Jessica’s Testimonial

A member of our staff, Jessica, discusses the atmosphere of Gracious Care on a daily basis.

Vincent’s Testimonial

Vincent talks about the amazing impact Gracious Care Recovery Solutions has had on his life.

Michelle Bakal

Currently in active recovery, Michelle Bakal is a powerful voice in the addiction recovery community.

Ryan’s Testimonial

Listen to Ryan, currently in recovery, describe his experience at Gracious Care Recovery Solutions.

Suzie & Bob, Parents of a 24 Year Old Addict, Tell Their Story

Suzie and Bob tell their story of their child’s journey through multiple recovery centers and how they ultimately found Gracious Care Recovery, where their child has excelled with Christian-based treatment.

Tara’s Testimonial

Tara, currently in recovery, talks about her experience at Gracious Care Recovery Solutions.