Our Team

Chris McMahan

Operations Manager

Tricare Addiction Treatment

Christopher Cannon

Director of Military Affairs

Mike Ausmus Gracious Care Recovery Solutions

Mike Ausmus

EOC Safety Manager

Chloe Seddan, RDN

Dietitian / Nutritionist

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions

Eileen McCormick

Utilization Review Manager

Hannah Hines

Executive Assistant

Justin Burns

Justin Burns

Business Development Associate & Military Affairs Liaison

Josef Mistal

Behavioral Health Tech Manager

Tom Beyer Gracious Care Recovery Solutions

Tom Beyer

Community Housing Supervisor

Duane Mar-Yuen

Facility Support Technician

Our Team

We're Connected

Our team isn’t just a group of employees, we are family. We have overcome obstacles together, supported one another and grown our families and lives around each other. We work as a synchronized unit to achieve one common goal: improve the lives of those around us. Our unparalleled client care and true desire to help you attain long-term recovery is the bedrock of our treatment.

We're Invested

With several key owners and staff members having personal experience with addiction, we have an abundance of understanding and knowledge of what is needed when entering treatment. We have learned from our past and are familiar with how difficult recovery can be.

That awareness allows us to make your experience as comfortable and effective as possible. We are personally invested in helping you overcome the challenges you face and become the person God created you to be.

We're Experienced

We have built an exceptionally talented team that has extensive experience in addiction treatment, outstanding credentials and a passion to help others. Each of us feels a personal duty to provide you with the best client care possible—we know each of our clients’ names and we treat them like family, not numbers.
Our clinical team includes:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Medical Doctor
  • Nutritionist
  • Neurotherapy Professional
  • Master-Level Therapists
  • Highly Experienced Case Managers
  • Certified Support Staff and Behavioral Techs

We're Compassionate

We have fully dedicated our lives to helping you build up the future you’ve always wanted. We care about you and want the very best for you, more than we want to make a profit. Your wellbeing is our top priority, and we will do whatever it takes to help you transform yourself and your life.

This is an extremely challenging, scary, debilitating part of your life, and we want to be there to provide you with the support and encouragement you need to conquer this all-encompassing disease.

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