Our Philosophy

Our Belief

We believe that addiction is a three-fold disease: physical, spiritual and psychological. Our treatments focus on healing each of these three areas by using the most cutting-edge approaches available.

Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to serve God and others. We want to strengthen our own relationship with God through teaching and leading others down brighter, more enlightened paths.

Our Mission

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, a faith-based treatment facility founded upon the belief in God, works to provide a safe, nurturing and structured environment to assist clients in living the healthiest life possible.

Our Values

We stand for happy tomorrows, quality treatment, family involvement and above all, God. We live to share the love that He pours down on us each and every day and help others along in their spiritual walk toward sobriety.

In order to do that, we focus on five main values:

  • Faith – Faith is the foundation of all of our programs and relationships.
  • Honesty – We are honest and model integrity in all of our interactions, both internally and externally.
  • Generosity – We exhibit generosity in all actions, always. We recognize that without the generosity of donors and God’s good graces we wouldn’t be where we are today.
  • Dedication – We are dedicated to our faith. All of our services and offerings are based on our belief in God.
  • Affordability – We are steadfast in offering our clients the most affordable treatment program possible.

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