Who We Are

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is committed to seeing lives set free from the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction, futures restored and families healed.

We are a DCF Licensed, Joint Commission accredited, Dual Diagnosis addiction treatment program that utilizes the most successful recovery support practices, including:

  • Individualized Case Management and Treatment Plan
  • A Whole Body Approach: Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Dual Diagnosis & Trauma Therapy
  • Equine Therapy, E-therapy for continued long-distance support
  • A thriving Alumni Program
  • Practical Life Skills, Vocational Well-Being  & Relapse Prevention

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter addiction treatment program. We know that although each client has the disease of addiction in common, there are numerous paths, traumas, and crisis that have brought each individual to the point of reaching out for help.

While one person may have turned to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with deep childhood trauma or abuse, another individual may have been raised in a household where drugs or alcohol was a very present part of the family dynamic. Still others may have enjoyed a supportive childhood, but found themselves addicted after an injury or surgery. With all of the different paths that can lead to addiction, we know it is critical to have highly individualized therapy and a very specific treatment plan for each client.

Relapse Prevention

Our scientific, evidence-based treatment methods and licensed, board certified professionals help our clients work through vulnerable transitions into a life where they are confident and equipped with the skills necessary for a successful recovery.

Even those who have been labeled as chronic relapsers have gained an understanding of “what was missing” and now have the tools needed to overcome.

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions provides a continuum of care that supports our clients from detox through sober living and beyond. Our professional staff is equipped to treat all phases of the disease of addiction and we would be honored to partner with you or your loved one on this journey of true healing and recovery.

You don’t have to wait another day.


Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Accepts Most Insurance