COVID-19 and addiction

COVID and Substance Abuse

Alcoholism and Drug Use Increase During COVID-19

COVID-19 and every detail of the quarantine, lockdown and pandemic have created the perfect environment for addiction.
From a mental health standpoint, anxiety, and uncertainty coupled with the isolation of curfews and stay at home orders became triggers that sparked the desire to self medicate. Many individuals who claimed to have a drink or two in order to “unwind after a long day at work” had found themselves pacing the floors of their homes; wondering if 10 am is too early to start unwinding.

For those who work in the field of addiction recovery, we all expected the pandemic to exacerbate the potential for addiction, and that is exactly what we observed. While other industries were scrambling to keep their doors open, addiction treatment facilities like Gracious Care Recovery Solutions witnessed a surge in phone calls from individuals who had never considered treatment before but had now spiraled out of control.

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions COVID-19 Protocol

Because Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is a smaller facility (65 client maximum) and we stuck closely to CDC guidelines, we have been able to continue to successfully treat our clients throughout the pandemic without putting anyone at risk.
Gracious Care Recovery Solutions treats alcoholism, drug addiction as well as co-existing disorders like anxiety and depression. Because we stick to a weekly schedule and provide the safety of a much-welcomed daily routine, our therapeutic services have been successfully treating clients before and throughout the pandemic.

What’s Ahead for Addiction and Recovery?

While the pandemic, the economic uncertainty, the election and other details have created an atmosphere of despair for some, there is good news for those in recovery; especially for those who choose treatment that lasts at least 30 days.
The very principles of recovery teach us to embrace today, live with purpose and to only focus on the things we are able to change. This type of mindset takes time to develop and is an organic byproduct of the healing experienced while working through the steps of recovery.

The pandemic has done a quick work and revealed to many of us exactly what’s inside of us. It has revealed what we will turn to if we find ourselves under extreme pressure. When addiction becomes part of that story, it is telling us there is healing to be done.
Our program is especially designed to treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit.
We provide a safe place to be vulnerable; a safe place to be transparent; and from there the therapeutic work can be done.

Has Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Increased During the Pandemic?

According to our own observations and every statistic we have researched, the answer is yes.
We could conclude that each of these individuals had the propensity for addiction and the pandemic simply provided the perfect storm to reveal it.
However you choose to look at it, the numbers are up.
Here are a few examples:

“A surge in overdose deaths hit Kentucky during the pandemic. May 2020 has been its deadliest month for overdoses in at least five years. At the end of August, the state had seen almost as many overdose deaths as it had in all of 2019.” — NBC News

The Wellbeing Trust projects approximately 75,000 people are at risk of overdose death or suicide directly due to coronavirus stress, with West Virginia topping that list.

2020 in Hindsight: Clinical Trends and Predictions reports the pandemic lockdowns are increasing stress and anxiety; harming mental health and well-being. In turn, people are turning to drugs.

The report cited the following statistics:

  • 18% increase in suspected drug overdoses since the beginning of stay-at-home orders.
  • 11% increase in drug fatalities in the first four months of 2020.

“We expect the numbers to increase as the pandemic stretches on,” the report stated.

So What is the Answer for You or Someone You Love Who is Struggling?

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions is urging every person to take any and all symptoms seriously. Our recovery help line is answered 24/7. Recovery advocates who have been through addiction are here to help, to answer questions, and to provide resources.
The onset of addiction is not something we generally recognize until it’s too late. If you or someone you love is drinking excessively or has experienced a marked increase in alcohol consumption, please give us a call.
If you or someone you love has turned to illicit drugs or is struggling with prescription narcotics, we are here to help.
One phone call can make all the difference for you during this pandemic.