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Alcoholism and Active Duty Military

According to, a new study on Alcoholism in the Military finds that active duty military personnel drink alcohol more than workers on any other career path. The mental and physical health of our military includes Tricare approved alcohol rehab and a growing number of individuals are receiving the help they deserve.

Impact of Alcoholism in the Military

A review of the Centers for Disease Control reporting from data gathered between 2013 and 2017 has found that troops spend more days each year consuming alcohol than individuals in any other industry. Analyzing 27,000 responses which spanned 25 industries, military personnel report an average of 130 drinking days annually. Miners and construction workers are a close second.

These findings are supported by the Health-Related Behavior Survey, conducted by Rand Corp., a Washington-based think tank for the Defense Department. This study found that one in three service members engaged in binge drinking and met criteria for alcohol use disorder.

Hazardous drinking has been estimated to cost the Defense Department well over $1 billion per year in medical treatment and lost productivity. Over 3oo,000 work days per year are lost due to excessive drinking and over 34,000 alcohol related arrests. Alcoholism in the military is clearly a problem.

Despite the impact of alcohol use, however, 68% of active duty troops said they perceived the military culture of being supportive of drinking, and 42% said their supervisor doesn’t discourage alcohol use, according to the HRBS.

As well as the impact to the Department of Defense, there are, of course, direct consequences on the physical and mental health of our service members. Heavy alcohol use in military settings is also directly connected to performance issues which result in being passed over for promotions, DUI arrests and crimes which can result in dishonorable discharge.

Tricare Approved Alcohol Rehab

We’ve come a long way in the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism in the military, and while improvements are still needed, the availability of drug rehab or addiction treatment which is covered by military health insurance (generally Tricare East or Tricare West) is promising.

Reading a report prepared for the Comptroller of the United States regarding alcoholism in the military dating back to 1970 was startling. In this report, the “normal” way to deal with an alcoholic individual included the following approaches (taken word-for-word from the report):

  • Leave him alone: The alcoholic may be carried along by sympathetic commanding officers until he elects to retire or is encouraged to (with no real action taken to help him recover). This was often the chosen path for individuals who were older or who had not been proven to be ineffective in his or her duties. Alcoholics were simply kept under the radar, leaving them to deal with the alcoholism once they returned to civilian life.
  • Transfer him: The problem drinker could simply be transferred from one command to another.
  • Counseling or treatment: The alcoholic could be counseled by his or her commanding officer or the chaplain. The individual could also be sent to Alcoholics Anonymous or a hospital for counseling.
  • Punishment: This could include extra duties, reduction in rank, loss of security clearance, bar to reenlistment, or separation from the service.

This 1970 report also stated that although there were two bases with alcoholism treatment programs, the commanding officers of those bases did not permit the existence of these programs to be publicized.

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way in our thinking. As we know, alcoholism is considered a treatable disease, and although there is still a fair amount of stigma to overcome when it comes to dealing with alcoholism, the main military insurance (Tricare East and Tricare West) supports the mental well being of our troops by providing Tricare approved alcohol rehab (also known as Tricare approved drug rehab) to treat active duty military personnel, retired military and their immediate family members.

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