Gracious Care’s Programs and Philosophy

At Gracious Care Recovery, we help clients overcome their addictions by first focusing on God and Jesus Christ’s plan for our new lives in recovery. Without this spiritual connection, recovery is much harder to get. With God’s power and by utilizing traditional treatment methods, such as individual and group counseling, twelve step philosophy and meetings, Gracious Care’s Recovery have saved lives and changed lives.

Another program we use to support our clients is Holistic therapy. Holistic therapy treats the whole person’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions as one. It includes guided meditations, art and music therapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care. We have found a genuine solution that leads addicts and alcoholics to recovery and that is treating the individual as special and acknowledging their own unique set of life experiences. With us, no two people are the same. This outlook for substance abuse treatment has proven effective and we believe in thorough individualized treatment planning and support.

We have developed an easy approach that highlights our faith in God as our main form of support. Gracious Care knows that by giving attention to your faith while in early recovery and throughout your recovery, you can stay clean and sober. God won’t let you down! Also for substance abuse treatment to be effective, recovery also needs to be made simple. The three things every recovering addict needs to do daily is. First, pray and honor God for getting you sober. Second, connect with your sober support. Sober support includes friends in recovery, family, counselors and going to regular meetings. The third is employment. Employment is not just essential for life it builds self-esteem and helps every recovering addict and alcoholic feel valued and a part of life again.

We have found that it is these three simple ways of living that all people in recovery depend on and value the most once they are clean and sober. Gracious Care is here to love you, support you and stay with you from the very first day of your recovery and throughout. God’s plan for every addict is to get them clean and sober.

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