Why Sober Living Is Important for Recovery

It is not uncommon for people in addiction recovery to live at a sober living house for many months and sometimes even years. People who choose sober living for themselves do so because they are serious about their recovery, and what it provides them. Here we give you the best reasons sober living is important for recovery.


The best thing that happens at sober living for the newly recovering addict is how much support they get from their roommates on a consistent basis. The support that roommates provide for each other is mainly about helping one another stay clean and sober, and how to cope with everyday life. If one person in the house is struggling, someone else will be there to listen to them, and be by their side. As well, sober living roommates support each other in other ways. Like reminding one another to do their chores, or to lock the front door, and to go to meetings.

The support from this type of community teaches the newly recovering addict that they are cared about, liked, and able to succeed in recovery. Lifelong friendships are formed and never forgotten in sober living. Sober living housemates bond as closely as a famiily does, yet in some ways even closer.

Every sober living house has an onsite manager who leads by example and helps with inspiring each resident to become responsible and to stay strong in their recovery.

Cost of Living

 Newly recovering addicts are usually pretty short on money. Some are even overcoming homelessness. Sober living is much less expensive than an apartment and does not require a deposit, credit check or rental references. Sober living is where most residents build their references and rental history. The cost cannot be compared when you count in the support that is free at a sober living house.

As well,  FYI, for many residents, private insurance can also cover the costs of sober living.

After Relapse

It is not uncommon to see an addict relapse. I think we all wish this was not true. However, time is of a crucial essence after someone relapses. This person is guilt-ridden and ashamed and needs help getting through the negative emotions. Of all the reasons to go into sober living this one is the biggest. Returning to recovery after a relapse is (usually) harder than initially getting sober. Here the support factor of a sober living house is incomparable. This is the time when an addict needs to be understood and loved the most, and sober living residents will do just that.

Being Forced To-Go

Being forced to go to a sober living house is not uncommon. That is why we feel it should be mentioned as one of the reasons sober living is important because so many people fall into this category. Court mandated, or it’s the last stop before the streets and homelessness, and the family may be saying ‘to go or else,’ is a typical scenario for many residents at sober living houses.

What is also typical of persons who are in some ways forced to reside in a halfway house, is that over time they adjust. If you asked a room full of successful recovering addicts and alcoholics: how many of them did not want to be in sober living, and they went to please someone else? All of them would raise their hands (as a yes).

One can rest knowing that in time recovery will win and the newly recovering addict will stop fighting. They will come to terms that sober living is the best decision for them.


This word is no simple one for addicts and alcoholics to gauge, and they are going to need assistance with understanding what it means to be responsible and how to navigate a new moral compass. This is not to imply that persons in new recovery are incapable, bad, or even unintelligent. It only means they require guidance. Sober living houses have set rules in place that help newly recovering addicts learn how to become accountable for their actions. Curfews, ‘get-up-by’ times and doing daily chores, are very basic life skills, however, recovering addicts and alcoholics abandoned these skills or regular way of living in their addictions and will need help in learning to do them again.

The good news is that once an addict or alcoholic gets clean and sober they do return to caring about a routine. Learning how to uphold that routine with others is what accountability is about at a sober living house.

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