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Gracious Care’s ‘Must-Do’s for Your Recovery

With 2017 just around the bend, most of us are excited to begin a new year in recovery and for some of us we will be remembering where we were last year in recovery and in our addictions. Some of us may have made it to double digits in weeks, months or years, and no matter the sobriety date… hasn’t your life gotten better!? Did you ever think you would be where you are today?

Gracious Care has put together a little must-do list to help remind you how wonderful you are. God’s plan included you getting clean and sober today and now look at you go!

Map All Your Successes in Life

Map your life and leave the failures out! Unfortunately, as recovering addicts and alcoholics, we often spend a lot of time remembering our failures, and we forget about the things we used to be good at. As well, for most of us who have been to treatment, we have been asked to do a variety of therapeutic activities or lifelines that map our addiction and our failures. And this is a healthy thing to do to point out the seriousness of your addiction and how it got worse, so you will have a realistic perspective about it. 

Yet, what can get overlooked and forgotten are all the things we were good at before our addictions completely took over. So, what you need to do is make a map of everything you have done well in your entire life and don’t forget any of them no matter how you young were! This is a map of successes, so leave the failures out.

Think back to when you were a kid or a teenager. Weren’t you the best at volleyball, chess, Legos, archery, drawing, swimming or soccer? Maybe you were a really great poet or musician? Whatever it was that you used to be really good at- MAP IT!

The point of a success map is to help you remember all the talent you have and to remind you how great you really are.

Do Something Nice for Yourself

Now we aren’t talking just some little cup of coffee or a sandwich here. What we mean by doing something nice for yourself is GO BIG. Plan something memorable for yourself and enjoy. Don’t just go get your nails done, or have lunch with a friend. Go get your hair and nails done and have lunch with a friend by the beach. Then go shopping at a really nice mall, and buy each other a quirky little gift. Then show your gift off at your favorite church or meeting.  

For guys, don’t just go buy a new watch. Wear that watch and go see a cool new movie with your best friend, and have a great dinner after you check out the latest new stuff at the Apple store. Or cruise up to Disneyworld. We mean what can’t be more special than Disneyworld-right?!

And if you are on a budget, then look to your sponsor and friends for help. Tell them you want to do something nice for yourself. Watch the ideas and help come at you! Doing something nice for yourself is therapeutic and will be remembered, especially if you make a Big Deal of it! This can be your go-to memory of how great you have made your life in recovery!

So, remember you make your recovery what it is. Also, you have to let it happen or become. As recovering addicts and alcoholics we are often resistant to new things, or to doing things for ourselves at all. Recovery takes effort as well as letting yourself have it.

So, do something special for yourself this end of the year and do it in a BIG WAY. You will thank us once you did.

HAPPY 2017

 With LOVE from All of Us at Gracious Care Recovery!

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