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5 Things People in Addiction Recovery Can Do to Feel Better

Having a bad day does not just happen to people in addiction recovery. It happens to everyone, and that is life. Yet for people in recovery, especially early recovery, feeling bad can really feel horrible. It’s hard to explain to others, isn’t it? Sometimes we recovering addicts and alcoholics can just feel desperate, alone, angry, and emotionally deprived or overwhelmed.

When we experience such heavy negative emotions, it is important to take positive action to help lighten our feelings up. Here we give you the 5 best things you can do when you feel like something has got to help you feel better- now!

Call your Sponsor

If this seems obvious, or typical, then you must already be calling your sponsor, and we are proud of you! Or, you may not have a sponsor to call. If that is the case then don’t worry, call a friend in recovery right now. Don’t even read the rest of this post. Finish reading it later. What is important right now, is being able to help you feel better. So pick up the phone and talk about it.

Tell Yourself You Are Worth Recovery

Telling yourself you are worth recovery and that you can stay clean and sober, is so mega-important because whether you realize it, or not, your words to yourself mean more than from anyone else in the world. Encouraging self-talk equals a positive frame of mind. To really do this effectively when you are down, and this will surely shed some tears, is to practice talking to yourself as if you were a child.

Imagine you are talking to yourself as a child, or like you would talk to your own children. Tell them you know they are feeling bad right now but it is going to get better. Tell yourself or your child self, you are valuable and that You Are Worth Recovery.

It is Okay to Blame Satan

It is okay to blame your bad feelings on Satan. Yes, we are using the “S” word here. Why? Because it is powerful, and it will help you feel less at fault. If that does not make sense to you, what we are trying to explain is, sometimes you just have to blame someone for you to feel better. It’s putting the responsibility of feeling bad on someone else. And who better and more deserving to blame than Satan. Say it! Say you feel really bad and guess whose fault it is? And by the way, we think this is true.


Stop and Thank Jesus

As a Christian or even someone who prays to a higher power, if you have not been doing this, then now is the best time ever to thank Jesus Christ for loving you and being in your heart. Jesus Christ lives in all our hearts and it is very powerful to acknowledge him there. Even if you are not a Christian just give this a try and we promise you will feel better. 


Get on With Life and Get Busy

A busy life is a hard mind to mess with. Whoever realized that staying busy helps you feel better was a genius. Try it, and watch how much better you will feel by keeping your schedule full especially when you are down. Therefore, do not remain in bed all day long. Do not ignore taking a shower. Do not forget to eat at least three times per day. And definitely– Do Not Give Up! Reacting to bad feelings and drinking or using will make everything worse! Relapse never makes anything better.

Stay busy, stick to your best routine. Love your friends in recovery and your life in recovery. And always remember to talk to your higher power and God, and we promise you will feel better!

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