My Child Has an Addiction Part 14 How to Support Recovery After Treatment

The Best Apology is Changed Behavior

When it comes to addiction and your path to recovery, you’re often faced with relapse issues. These problems on top of everything else may seem as if it’s almost impossible for an opportunity to heal. Often your relapse and the way you handle your situation affects your loved ones even though that’s never the intention. The words “I’m sorry” may have lost their meaning to those around you who want nothing more than to see you overcome your addiction.

Recovery is a fight and losing means death. Think of what that would say to your significant other, parents, siblings and real friends. Death would torture them beyond words. It’s vital to both your loved ones and yourself to find a better solution when apologize, and the inevitable will be detrimental.

Changing one’s behavior is the best way for you to say “Thank You” to your loved ones, therapist and anyone else that may have influence in your life. Changing the behavior doesn’t mean changing the person. That change goes way deeper. No longer should you feel or say you’re sorry to yourself or anyone else.

By looking for alternatives to your behavior and replacing the addiction with something else, you’re not only freeing yourself from the depths of your addiction; you’re taking control and that you’ll never have to apologize.

By changing your behavior, you will no longer be sabotaging your life; you’ll be able to embrace it.

Changed behavior means using your emotions to find positive channels for the energy you would normally be wasting.

Your new-found practice will allow new doors to open, new people to walk in and a new life to take place. Habits can’t be broken, but better ones can replace them. Practice using new practices daily until they’ve become second nature to you.

You don’t have to feel sorry for yourself or your situation. Your habits, your attitude and the way you conduct yourself, will become joyous and unremorseful because they will fill your world with endless gratitude.

You can stop regretting everything once you’ve found a way to change the behavior that has trapped you from enjoying the rest of your life. There’s no reason to be apologetic for reaching new heights toward the recovery when you stick to the form; your recovery has helped you achieve. That my friend is nothing to feel sorry.

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