3 Things To Remember That Really Matter In Recovery

Treatment as Unique as You

Watch What You Eat and Don’t Eat

Unfortunately, a lot of us in recovery have ignored all the advice about the importance of good nutrition and eating right. It’s like one of those topics that you reply “yes I understand,” but  I will do nothing about it type of reactions. However, what foods you are eating can determine how your day is going.

Simply, for recovering addicts and alcoholics are feelings are on the line. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. And for your information, food causes all kinds of chemical reactions in our bodies and therefore can and does dictate how we feel. Of course, we are all different, some of us can sleep after coffee and some of us shake like leaves.

What we want you to notice is what foods help you feel healthy, help you feel strong and then compare- are these foods good for me? And are you eating enough? Food is our fuel and what keeps us feeling alive. So sign up for that nutrition counseling and make eating healthy food a part of your recovery.

Be Aware of the Company You Keep

Here, for people in early recovery, they sometimes forget how important it is to keep their circle of support healthy.This circle includes friends, co-workers, and family. Being in recovery from addiction or alcoholism means you have to take charge of your recovery and nurture it. Do not waste time with people who make you feel uncomfortable, mad or sad. Move on and prosper. It is your duty to choose the best company for yourself.

If that means you have to politely leave the room at your sober living house, or around certain people, then do it. Asking to work with people that you are comfortable with is totally allowed in any work environment. And as for family, take your time to heal yourself first and utilize guidance from a counselor or sponsor only.

The company we keep is about our self-esteem, our hopes, and our dreams. If there are more people in your life that make you feel upset versus making you feel really positive and in charge of your recovery, then it’s time to take action and become aware of who is on your recovery team, and who helps you and who hurts you.

Find That Cozy Place and Visit Often

This is all about meeting your needs. It is so very important for recovering addicts and alcoholics to spend lots of time nurturing themselves. On the road to recovery, we need a lot of warm and fuzzy feel goods to remind us that life is so much better clean and sober. And here the options are endless. Discover what you enjoy and make it a priority regularly. Take lots of naps when you can, watch your favorite movies and cry. Drive around with the music cranked. Call your best friend or family members who you enjoy the most. Go have that awesome sandwich at your favorite café. Find that cozy place in multiple locations and visit often.

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