What is IOP?


IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. The word ‘outpatient’ usually makes those with experience at other drug and alcohol rehab’s think that this is a day or night program and that it is easy to follow. Those two thoughts can’t be more correct! Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to allow clients to live independent lives while receiving professional substance abuse treatment.

When Does IOP Meet?

The IOP program sessions are available morning, afternoon and evening. IOP meets for three hours at a time for three days a week. The purpose of this program is to help get a person’s life back on track. IOP allows clients to work, go to school, keep appointments, make meetings and continue on with their daily commitments. The agenda for most clients in IOP is that they reside in a sober living house and attend IOP with their housemates. Women reside with women and men with men.

Why Does IOP Help Addicts In Early Recovery?

Persons in early recovery are going to go through stress. They are learning to cope clean and sober, which is not easy. They will be feeling up one day and down the next. They will also be getting new jobs and maybe even losing old jobs. That’s life. The support of this program is founded on giving attention to the stressors that life brings. Getting a flat tire, or forgetting to pay a bill, and even having arguments with friends are events addicts and alcoholics can often relapse over. Not as likely with the support of an IOP program.

IOP has a professional staff of counselors, psychiatrists, and therapists ready to listen and provide guidance and love. And one of the strongest supports that are not always obvious but definitely happens at IOP is from clients helping clients. Close, real, relationships occur naturally and create memorable, positive support networks, for years to come.

And there is plenty of learning that occurs at IOP- on a multitude of levels! Emotional, spiritual and cognitive. Learning about the self and how to care for the ‘new you’ in recovery is really what IOP is all about. The groups and workshops teach recovery skills, philosophy, and provide guidance about how to stay clean and sober. Learning at IOP is the free flowing of educated advice meant to save you.


Fun is a word most addicts and alcoholics have to learn to redefine. IOP isn’t just fun because of the ‘live’ recovery speakers who’ve made it out of addiction, who come to inspire and push you towards your dreams, or even the catered food (which is really good and provided at each 3-hour session) or the massage therapy sessions that are heavenly. IOP is fun because of the relationships that are formed. The counselors are there for you and so is the staff. And when you laugh with one another during group, or because in the van ride to IOP the driver played the best new song, or because you watched your friend get through a crisis and stay clean, it’s going to be the best kind of new fun you’ve had in your life, and in your recovery!

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