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Why Recovering Heroin Addicts Must Try Harder

If you haven’t tried Heroin or heaven forbid become addicted to it then you are blessed above others who have. Unfortunately, heroin addiction is not only hard to quit because of the prolonged physical addiction, or the mental pain of needing it every day. Heroin addicts will all tell you it changed who they were by 360. Recovering heroin addicts, fortunately, do return to their better selves as do all recovering addicts and alcoholics. And here we are in no way lessening the difficulty of any addiction, we are simply stating that recovering heroin addicts must try harder and here’s why.

Lifestyle Baby, Lifestyle

To become a heroin addict does not mean that you simply became addicted. And to put it bluntly, heroin addiction equals criminal addiction. Only the rich and famous have the money to stay out of illegal activity to support their habit. The statistics don’t lie, and sorry but there are not 700,000 movie stars running around the country addicted to Heroin. Yes, that is a huge number and counting. What any recovering heroin addict will tell you is that they became a professional shoplifter, burglar, and thief in order to support their addiction. Now what kind of lifestyle is that?


Oh, there’s the big enemy, and the hardest to get used to- FEELINGS. Recovering heroin addicts stayed numb for a reason. And of course, it wasn’t just because they just couldn’t deal with life. They have trouble coping with their feelings. The good news is, is that this enemy quickly becomes your friend once you get clean and sober, and you remember what feeling feels like. Getting high over bad feelings won’t be a priority because the best feeling in the world is love and recovery is the strongest form of self-love there is.

We Are Just Stronger

Having returned from the life of a junkie, and entered the life of recovery, means you have been through it all. You have seen jail cells more times in 3 months than anyone else. You have lied to the highest authority and gotten away with it, and you have survived attacks from the greatest of all evils. Heroin Addiction takes everyone down, but recovering from it requires physical, mental, and emotional strength. Not just to get through detox either. But by re-assembling your true character, priorities, and uncovering the honest and good person you were underneath the dope, you will realize, we are stronger.

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