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5 Easy Ways to Assess Your Addiction Recovery

If you haven’t assessed where you are in your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, maybe you didn’t realize that this is actually quite beneficial. Here we ask you five little questions to answer that should let you know if you are making the best of your recovery.

Are you working?

This answer should only come if you are done with treatment, have bills to pay and by all accounts, ready to be responsible. As recovering addicts and alcoholics getting a job is a new idea altogether. Most of us did not work, or keep a job for very long in our addictions. So if you are employed, give yourself credit because this is pretty hard to live without, as I am sure you have noticed by now. And if you are still floundering around with no plans, then go directly to the extra credit question below. And we are all proud of you for getting clean and sober! Well done!

Have you broken your relapse habits?

Yikes..what are relapse habits? Let’s explain. Relapse is so sneaky it can happen even on your best day of living an awesome new life clean and sober. So it is best to assess what habits are still lingering around in your life that mirror when you were not clean and sober. Are you staying up late, like all the time? Are you blowing off responsibilities? And have you done your laundry? These may seem basic, but these questions are true indicators that you have or haven’t broken your relapse habits. Now, make your own list and get to it!

Did you make amends? At least one.

The action of making amends is so very- very- significant and so very- very- therapeutic for you to do for your life. All it takes is one amends for you to see how great you and everyone else will feel once you get this stuff out in the open, and say you are sorry! It is the pinnacle of taking back the anguish you caused others in YOUR ADDICTION. Begin with two little words, “I’m sorry.” Enough said.

Who is your idol?

As we progress in our recovery, our opinions will change. Who and what we like are going to be extremely different. And as we positively progress in making changes in our new lives, we need a good idol. Here, we beg of you to not say any rock stars who made a success out of being a junkie or a drunk. Look up who is famous and clean and sober! And if you already said it is your sponsor or one of your friends with awesome clean time then you are a star yourself.

What is your routine for chilling out?

Here, we realize that chilling out should have no routine at all. However, making positive use of our free time in a healthy way is all we are getting at. As long as you allow yourself to enjoy positive activities at home or with friends who are clean and sober, you are good.

Extra Credit Question: When did you last count up how many people said they are proud of you?

This is a win-win to do for your recovery. It is full of all the love that we deserve for taking charge of our lives once and for all. It is your recovery and you get back what you put into it. Now make that mental list again and see how good you feel!

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