3 Reasons Why Faith Is Important In Early Recovery

For addicts in early recovery, the first step in the right direction was a miracle that took place the day you decided to get help for your addictions. Maybe on that day, you saw that the bottom doesn’t end and it can get worse? Or maybe you decided you are worth more than what the drugs are giving you. And if you haven’t ever thought that there is some force out there looking after your best interest then perhaps you’ve never said the famous phrase “thank God.” But if you have then you may already know that having faith in early recovery is what will push you up from the bottom and get you closer to feeling better, to feeling hope and to feeling that there is a place in this world for you clean and sober. Here are the three small, yet big reasons why faith is important in early recovery.

What Does Faith Have to Do with It?

Faith does not mean that you aren’t capable of taking charge of your life, or your recovery. Faith also doesn’t mean that you have to give up certain foods, pray constantly or sit in silent meditation for hours on end. What faith is, is allowing yourself to believe that there is something greater than you that has kept you safe and alive throughout your addiction, and why you are reading this now, is all faith is. And those are pretty big reasons, right?

Who Is In Charge Anyway?

Who is in charge? The answer to that question is, of course, you! It is not important who you believe in or what. What is important for you in your recovery is that you find comfort in knowing that your life’s plan is to live clean and sober. No-one’s life plan is to be a junkie, a drunk or a criminal. If you choose God or a higher power to help you in your recovery, then we are here to tell you that you will have even more strength than you thought.

Because God’s got Your Back

Being in early recovery is not easy. It is full of worry, anxiety, and guilt. It is also full of joy, and hope. Getting through the first couple days, or weeks and months you will need all the help you can get. Turn to us, to your family and to God. Because the day that you realized you were tired of living in pain and running from the world just to get high or drunk is  the day that God (or your higher power) whispered into your ear, I’ve got your back.

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