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Family Coping Skills for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Coping with a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction is a complicated and ongoing process. Many people can manage their addictions if they choose to, however, this is a daunting task and never easy. Often family members have a harder time coping with the events that occur when their favorite addict is slipping. It’s highly advisable to find ways to battle these demons on your own or with others who are experiencing similar pain. Here are a few skills that may help spark some relief while your friend or family is learning to manage.

  1. Meditate
  2. AL-anon Meetings
  3. Speak to Minister, priest or a spiritual guide
  4. Don’t be Naïve or Overly Trusting
  5. Educate yourself
  6. Keep the faith and hope
  7. Watch your money carefully
  8. Don’t assume the blame
  9. Confront manipulating conversations
  10. Rehab is only the beginning
  11. Prepare for relapse; it’s part of the journey

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of Eastern medicine that can help you cope with your thoughts and mind activity. When dealing with addicts, it’s important to do what you can to maintain your sanity. Meditation can certainly help with the ongoing struggles of guilt and pain.

Attend support groups like Al-anon, as this is one of your greatest forms of defense. What you’ll find is you’re not alone, and a sponsor can help you stay on course when the addict wants to knock you off.

Speaking to your higher power or someone you trust is another form of combating against the disease of addiction. Don’t hesitate to lean on these people or your spirituality to give you the sanction you need to stay active.

Manipulation lies and cheating is all a part of the cycle. Don’t accept these things, confront the person who is the addict when you know there’s an issue. Don’t trust them with money or your valuables. Unfortunately, the disease will make them do what they must to meet their needs.

Educate yourself as often as you can. There’s always new information out there and by researching, studying and using what you can help you to feel in control of an out of control situation.

Keep your faith and hope. Believe it or not, these people do change and can live a high quality of life. If you give up, they’ll know, which could lead to worse consequences.

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