Addiction Rehab: Is Out of State Treatment a Good Idea?

Addiction Rehab: Is Out of State Treatment a Good Idea? 

Choosing to take a positive step toward recovery by attending addiction rehab is important to your future. Deciding on the right rehab is just as vital. The choice you make can affect the treatment you receive and even your chances of remaining sober. One of the biggest questions that most people have when selecting an addiction rehab is whether they should consider out of state treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there isn’t one particular treatment that is appropriate for everyone. Each choice relies on certain factors that will help make the decision right for that individual.
Let’s take a look:

Deciding Factors for Rehab Close to Home vs. Out of State Treatment

Making the right choice when it comes to addiction recovery comes down to some considerations, including:

  • Privacy- Are you a professional who wants to remain anonymous during your stay at an addiction rehab? If privacy is important to you, a rehab location away from home may be the best option. Although there are HIPPA laws in place, it’s not likely you’ll run into someone you know if you opt for out of state treatment.
  • Environmental Factors- If your friends, hang-outs and every other street corner remind you of your struggle with addiction, sticking around may not be the best choice. Getting away may help your recovery efforts.
  • Easy Aftercare- If you need to continue with outpatient care after drug addiction treatment and plan on returning home and to your place of employment, either type of facility would work for you. Gracious Care Recovery Solutions helps coordinate a smooth transition back home and helps each client to develop a recovery plan that will work well for them as they return home. This includes ongoing e-therapy, alumni support, as well as referring to outpatient services and recovery meetings back home.

What are the Benefits of a Close-to-Home Rehab vs. an Out-of-State Rehab

The best location for you depends on your needs and preferences. When selecting a rehab near home or out of state treatment, it’s important to consider some of the benefits that each offer.

Benefits of Rehab Close to Home

  1. If you are on medicaid or other insurance that is state specific, treatment is restricted to your home state.
  2. If you have been mandated to treatment through drug court or another type of court order, you are usually required to attend treatment in the same county as sentencing.

Benefits of Out of State Treatment

  1. Removes you from a toxic environment and truly allows you to gain new perspective in a place without trigger locations or individuals nearby who you may be tempted to call to come pick you up.
  2. Quality of care. In some states where opiate addiction is especially prevalent, there is a lack of treatment facilities and long waiting lists for the few centers that are available. Seeking out of state treatment can greatly increase the opportunity to find the help you need when you need it.
  3. Many insurance policies cover out of state treatment.
  4. Out of state treatment in the state of Florida brings you to a tropical environment, often close to the ocean. The warm weather and the ability to spend time outdoors is conducive to recovery. Time spent in the sun and near the water actually helps raise your neurotransmitters and creates feelings of well being.

Selecting Gracious Care Recovery Solutions

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions has helped thousands of individuals struggling with addiction. Some have come to us from around Florida, while others have travelled across the country for assistance. No matter where you live or what substance you are struggling with, we’re here for you with a variety of therapeutic programs to help you begin your successful road to recovery.

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