Holistic Addiction Therapy

Holistic Addiction Therapy

23 Dec 2015 Therapy

What is Holistic Addiction Therapy?

Holistic therapy for treating people with drug addiction focuses on treating the entire individual. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of addiction, holistic therapies focus on treating body, mind and soul using a range of natural treatments. The right combination of holistic therapies can be highly effective for treating a person suffering from addiction.

Holistic addiction therapies are designed to work in conjunction with traditional treatments to improve the recovery rate for people in treatment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse lists holistic treatments as being one of the most effective principles of treatment.

How Holistic Therapy Differs from Other Types of Therapy

Traditional therapy focuses strongly on treating the symptoms of addiction. The entire focal point of treatment is centered on the drug or alcohol addiction.

By comparison, holistic addiction therapy treats the entire person, encompassing all aspects of the person’s life. It’s common for many people to lose touch with obligations, responsibilities and commitments while they’re in the grip of a drug addiction.

As a result, effective treatment needs to include teaching the recovering person effective ways to live a productive, happy life without the need for drugs.

What Does Holistic Therapy Achieve?

Along with ensuring any medical and psychological treatments are well-received, integrating holistic therapies can incorporate a range of actions and practices that can make a big difference to a person’s recovery, including:

  •        Healthy stress management techniques
  •        Work issues and responsibilities
  •        Vocational training and job skills
  •        Improved family care and responsibilities
  •        Address legal problems
  •        Money management
  •        Good self-care practices
  •        Personal hygiene and grooming
  •        Good sleeping habits
  •        Healthy eating habits
  •        Engagement with social and peer support networks
  •        Spiritual guidance and growth

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Therapy

A person suffering from addiction has experienced significant changes to the way their brain’s chemistry works while they were under the influence of drugs. In order to achieve a successful recovery, it’s important that the recovering person learns effective new ways to cope with the everyday stresses and challenges of life without giving in to the temptation to relapse back to a pattern of drug use.

Learning to effectively manage stress using relaxation and meditation techniques can be extremely helpful for reducing symptoms of anxiety that can often be problematic for people in recovery. Regular physical activity and exercise have proven to be highly effective for helping the body to generate serotonin and endorphins that boost mood and relieve stress.

Recent studies conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health also indicated that yoga is particularly helpful for relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as helping to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Therapeutic massage can also be a valuable part of the holistic recovery process for many people.

Evidence-based therapies are ideal for helping a person overcome a struggle with addiction. However, integrating a combination of holistic therapies into the overall treatment plan can reduce the risk of relapse while also improving physical and emotional health. By creating a healthy body and mind it’s possible to achieve a successful recovery from addiction.

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