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Tiger Woods Reserves Entire Rehab for Himself

Well, today is Father’s Day, and as we know, it’s a stressful day for a lot of dads for a variety of reasons. Today I was thinking about Tiger Woods. It’s been a little under a month since his DUI arrest in Florida and he is taking major steps to avoid losing the 20% custody he currently has of his two children — nine year old daughter, Sam and eight year old son, Charlie.

According to the New York Post, 41-year-old Woods has made the decision to go back into rehab  and he’s reserved the entire inpatient unit for men at the Jupiter Medical Center near his home in Florida. His prior stay in an addiction treatment facility was in Arizona. That was back in 2010 and it was reported that he entered rehab because of an addiction to Vicodin and Ambien.

Although there’s a lot of hype around Tiger Woods and the unfortunate situation he finds himself in today, his predicament is nothing new to the thousands of individuals who find themselves addicted to prescription drugs each year. The number is growing at a staggering rate.

Car accidents have long been the leading cause of death in the United States but just recently that has changed to prescription drugs. While illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine do contribute a large number of overdose deaths, the sharpest increase in fatalities was due to prescription opiates such as methadone, Oxycontin and Vicodin.

The Solution to Prescription Drug Addiction

As those walking in recovery are aware, the pull of addiction is strong and we can’t rely on doctors to have our best interests in mind. Even with the recent opiate epidemic, prescription opioids are still the go-to choice for pain management and after-surgery care. We’re going to have to come up with a new plan. No one wants to be in pain, this is true, but when we take a step back and look at what this drug is doing to our society as a whole, it should be such a wake up call.

There have to be other options for pain.

Opioids, like alcohol, lower our ability to correctly judge risk. We feel invincible, on top of our game, and like we can handle anything. This is one of the reasons why a person on opioids would choose to drive in the first place. Just like alcohol, opioids impair our judgement.

Tiger Woods Can Be The Next Recovery Champion

It was sad to watch Tiger Woods traffic stop recording, which was posted on Youtube. None of us want the worst version of ourselves to become a public display, but just like everyone else walking in recovery, he will have a new hope and a new freedom if he truly applies himself to rehab.

Tiger Woods arraignment for the DUI charge is set for August 9th. I hope he makes progress between now and then. When we think about other celebrities who were once where Tiger is today, like Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson, and Macklemore, we can clearly see that recovery is possible, even with the whole world watching…and what a great story it is when we overcome!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Whether you’re up or getting up, you can recover.
If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction and wants help, please give us a call.


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