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10 Smartphone Apps That Will Help You in Your Recovery

Addiction recovery isn’t just a few days or months; it’s a lifetime. After you complete addiction treatment and return home, the threat of relapse is real, and you’ll probably be reaching into your recovery toolbox to find the right solutions to help you stay on track. Your phone can be an excellent recovery tool. There are some pretty great addiction recovery apps available that can help you reach goals and even provide some recovery based encouragement. 

Addiction Recovery Apps

CleanTime Counter

This app, available on select Android devices, is one of the best recovery apps for keeping track of your sobriety. It lets you know how many days, hours, minutes or even seconds you’ve been sober. You can personalize it with your name, specific type of addiction and a background picture as well.


The recoveryBox app isn’t your typical sobriety counter. This app, available for iOS users at a low $1.99, let you plan out and track certain activities. You can customize each of these activities on your calendar with different colors and light to help you understand how doing them triggers your addiction recovery. You can also track your sobriety for separate addictions and see how long you’ve been sober for every one.


Unlike traditional counters, SoberTool goes above and beyond. Not only does it keep track of the days you’ve been sober, but it also calculates how much money you’ve saved by being sober. Other features include rewards for being clean, a search engine that focuses on preventing relapse and motivational tips to keep you going. SoberTool is free and available on Android devices.

My New Leaf

The My New Leaf recovery app delivers lots of tools for those in addiction recovery to use. It includes positive coping strategies, self-monitoring tasks and tools for crisis relief. In addition, it offers meditations, a journal and a place for you to log your stresses. Emergency calls are available directly from the app. This addiction app is available on select Android devices for free.

Quit That!

Stay organized and keep track of multiple addictions with Quit That! This app tracks sobriety for any addiction you have, including alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and soda. It tells you how many years, weeks, days and even minutes you’ve been sober- and how much money you’ve saved since stopping. There’s a place to keep notes as well. This app is free and works for iOS devices.

Daily Devotional Collection

Inspiration is always close to your fingertips when you have the Daily Devotional Collection recovery app. This app features quotes from important speakers and authors, daily devotionals, Bible stories, sermons and Bible studies. Each part of the collection is designed to motivate, inspire and give you hope. Available for free on Google Play.

Sober Time

Another popular addiction recovery app is Sober Time. This sobriety counter lets you keep track of as many addictions as you need to and is fully customizable. The free app also offers daily motivational messages, relapse statistics and a built- in community. You can set goals for yourself and even share your progress. Available on Android.

ACHESS app (Ascent Solution)

Dedicated to peer-based recovery, the ACHESS lets you easily connect with others in your immediate area who also use the app using the Gather function. You can also connect with a peer recovery coach for immediate help. These individuals have been through what you’re going through and know exactly what to do to help. The app also helps you find meetings, set goals, journal and set goals. This addiction recovery app is available for $35 per month with no contracts.


Healthy eating habits are essential after addiction treatment, and Fooducate helps with that. This app not only lets you keep track of what you eat and the calories consumed, but also provides other nutritional facts you need to know. It rates your food (A is good, F is bad,) provides tips on how to improve your diet and delicious recipes. Available for both Apple and Android products for free.

Sober Coach

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. Sober Coach is a recovery app that gives you just what you need. For just $3.99, you get access to a live sober coach any time you need him or her. The app also acts as a sober counter and provides daily reflections. Available on select Android devices.

Another tool in your recovery toolbox is never a bad thing. Check out these apps and find some that work for you.

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