A primary therapist in the field of substance abuse, mental health, and co-occurring disorders, Laura Booth has been helping clients with addictions since 2009. It was during this year when she earned her Bachelors in Social Work from Union Institute and University.

After this, she attended the Academy for Addiction Professionals. The Florida Certification Board named her a Certified Addictions Professional and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Seeing how much an impact technology had made on her clients, she became a certified E-therapist. This lets her engage with clients using tele-mental health therapy worldwide using a secure server that meets HIPAA guidelines.

Laura has been honored by her community throughout her time as a therapist. She has

  • Been honored by Governor Jeb Bush in 2007 as an outstanding member of the recovery community.
  • Been featured in a South Florida magazine.
  • Received several honors from drug court judges.

In addition to working with at the Broward Addiction Recovery Center for two years and Gracious Care Recovery Center, Laura also spent some time helping the homeless and the unemployed who had received treatment and wanted to get their careers back.

Laura has been sober since March 14, 1996. Every day at Gracious Care, she uses her experience and education to help others through motivational interviewing, cognitive behavior therapy and more. Her clients range from teenagers to senior citizens, but no matter their age, Laura helps them take the steps they need toward a total recovery.