With quality treatment you can gain the tools necessary to finally BREAK FREE from the bondage and obsession of addiction.

You can enjoy life beyond the struggle. 

The Choice is Yours

No one wants to be a slave to the bondage of addiction, but we can become so entrenched in the obsessed mindset that we believe the lie that tells us there is no way out.
The truth is, there is a life of freedom and fulfillment far beyond anything you've even imagined. It takes trust to allow others who have been where you are help guide you to freedom. The choice is yours. Your new day can begin today. 

The Right Treatment 

The right addiction treatment facility will help you recognize and address the underlying cause of your addiction. 
Not all treatment is the same. it's vital to choose treatment that includes trauma therapy and coexisting disorders. There are many layers to the wreckage of addiction. The right treatment will help you receive healing for the past while equipping you with a strong future. 

Payment Methods

Your health care insurance often pays for the expense of inpatient rehab.

If you are currently employed, your job will be secure as well. Taking time off of your job for addiction recovery is considered a medical treatment, the same as surgery or any other type of rehabilitation period. This is your chance to take time to focus on yourself, to show up for yourself, and to be the person you were created to be.